This Mother’s Day, honor your mother with the gift of life.

To celebrate all mothers and our blessed Mother Earth, 2020 or Bust is offering Trees for Mom. Why buy your mother flowers for a day when you can plant trees in her honor, beautiful trees that will be flourishing for decades to come?

The cost is $2 per tree and they will be planted in California in areas recently ravaged by drought, bark beetle infestation and wildfires.

Your mother will receive a special Mother’s Day greeting, letting her know that these trees will be planted as a living legacy and celebration of her life.

You may optionally leave the email blank if you prefer to notify the gift recipient yourself. Please note that the email will not be used for any other purpose or shared with third parties
Your investment ($2 per tree) plants trees in an area of the world where it will make the biggest positive environmental impact and also supports the work of 2020 OR BUST.

Mother’s email (optional):
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