2030 or Bust and Pornhub Launch “Sextainability” Campaign


From the moment we created the commitment to ending the climate crisis, we also committed ourselves to disrupting the mythology, complacency and status-quo thinking that stands in the way of what it will take to actually end it. Well, we are now taking the next steps in meeting humanity right where they are and waking us all up to a new future. And you might be surprised by the approach.

This is to announce an upcoming campaign that we say will cause that disruption.

 2030 or Bust and Pornhub Launch “Sexstainability” Campaign  

Pornhub, the premier online destination for adult entertainment, in partnership with 2030 or Bust is launching “Sexstainability,” a campaign to help save the environment.

Starting Tuesday, January 26, and for a 30-day run, Pornhub will feature an entirely new channel of “Sexstainable”  videos starring Pornhub models – including Pornhub Brand Ambassadors Asa Akira and Kira Noir – educating and inspiring users to start acting more ”sexstainably.” Every view accumulated under the newly formed channel will donate funds to 2030 or Bust.

We worked with Pornhub in developing the campaign and selecting the recommended actions, which coordinate with actions available on the 2030 or Bust app. Everyone visiting the “Sextainability” channel will be invited to participate with 2030 or Bust and take their first action as someone ending the climate crisis.

From the Pornhub Sextainability press release:

“We wanted to educate people in a meaningful way that would also not interfere with their regularly scheduled programming on Pornhub. So we decided to marry two things people really enjoy – sex and sustainability – to create our sexstainable jerk off instruction videos that encourage users to live a more sustainable lifestyle,” said Corey Price, Vice President, Pornhub. “As we enter 2021 it’s important that we come together for Mother Earth. Join us in our mission to create a more sexstainable world.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Pornhub in getting the word out that not only is the climate crisis endable, and that we have the power collectively to make that happen, but also that making that difference can be easy, sexy and fun. We all want humanity to have a happy ending!” said 2030 or Bust Executive Director Laughlin Artz.

Now, you might be wondering, “Why is 2030 or Bust working with Pornhub?”  The simplest answer is because they will get our message to more people faster than just about any other media outlet in the world. And it brings the opportunity to make a difference in ending the climate crisis to a huge number of people that otherwise would never get that opportunity.

Our mission is to empower people in ending the climate crisis. And that is ALL people. If you want to get to people, you go to where they are, and that’s a major component of what our partnership with Pornhub provides.

It is also in keeping with our commitment that there is nothing moral about the climate crisis or in what’s wanted and needed to end it – no good or bad, no right or wrong. Simply the gap between where we’re headed and where we need to be, and the actions that will bridge that gap. Our job is to empower, not judge. As one of our most popular posters states: “The climate crisis will not be ended by good people. It will be ended by you.” 

We’re acutely aware that some people won’t endorse this collaboration. We also appreciate whatever it might take for folks to get their heads wrapped around this. We know it gives people something to deal with that they probably weren’t planning on, and we offer that what that takes is worth it.

This partnership is fully in line with our declaration that the climate crisis is a crisis of consciousness. The crisis is not one of carbon, politics, science or temperature. The real crisis is with ourselves, our own complacency, our own resignation, our own judgementalness and our addiction to keeping up appearances at the expense of what works.

We are opening a hornet’s nest; we know that. It’s the right hornet’s nest, the one that blasts us into the global consciousness and offers an incredible opportunity to fulfill our mission. And to have some fun and make some good trouble along the way!

Fasten your belts; it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


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